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Focused On Key Issues Facing Norwell
Over my six years as Selectman, my top priorities have been to:

1) Pursue creative ways to generate new revenues and reduce expenses to benefit taxpayers

2) Improve our long term financial planning & forecasting

3) Focus attention on several previously neglected long-term issues, including our deteriorating town buildings and substantial unfunded liabilities

4) Make town government more open and transparent

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Proven Leader
The Board of Selectmen is the executive branch of town government and its members have a wide range of responsibilities including setting long term objectives and priorities for the town and ensuring that the town sustains a balanced and prudent operating budget. Selectmen also need to be prepared to answer a wide range of residents' questions, explain policies to other boards, and facilitate cooperation and coordination among town departments and committees. My deep and broad experience in Norwell town government, together with my career background in banking and finance have helped me be an effective leader and advocate for the town.

One example of the leadership I have provided was during the Nemo Nor'easter in 2013 that simultaneously produced major snowfall and a multi-day town wide power outage. Clearly we needed to provide a safe and warm place for residents, but no one in town government had experience opening and running a shelter. I became the de facto leader at the improvised Middle School shelter, coordinating issues as they arose with the:

1) Fire and Police Chiefs
2) Town Administrator
3) School Department
4) Council on Aging
5) Highway Department
6) Amazing resident volunteers

Another example of my leadership is the nearly full time work I did as Chairman during the transition from our 16 year Town Administrator (TA) to an Interim TA and then our new full time TA. This entailed significant additional work:

1) Producing a budget with the Interim TA immediately after Jim Boudreau's departure that was in keeping with our financial policies and key past practices.
2) Working with Department Heads and residents who reached out to me for help on matters they previously would have directed to the TA.
3) Serving as the designated Selectman on the initial screening and interviewing team for hiring our new full time TA.

Being a Selectman has a steep learning curve. While I have only been on the Board for six years, I have served with seven different people. The experience, continuity, and
institutional memory I provide are important.

It is an honor to serve my town. While I am pleased with how much has been accomplished during my first six years on the Board, there is still much to be done. I am excited to continue the work I have begun.
Experienced in Local Government
After four years on the Advisory Board and six on the Board of Selectmen, I have worked closely with most of the Department Heads and many other employees and volunteers in our town. The relationships forged and knowledge gained from these interactions are essential to being an effective Selectman. However, my service to the town extends well beyond our Board of Selectmen.

Two years ago, I was appointed by
Governor Baker to his Local Government Advisory Commission (LGAC). This evolved from my 2011 election to the Boards of the statewide Massachusetts Selectmen's Association (MSA) and the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA). These organizations advocate for the interests of cities and towns on legislative matters at the State House. In 2015 and 2016, I was president of the MSA, which represents the 1176 Selectmen in 295 towns across the Commonwealth.

As a member of these three groups, I advocate on issues that directly impact Norwell such as:

1) State aid for our schools
2) Funding for road repairs
3) Local planning control, including for 40(B) developments
4) Regulations forthcoming this summer that will determine whether Norwell has to permit recreational marijuana stores

Another benefit to Norwell from my position on the LGAC is that I have a front row seat at the unveiling of many new state grant opportunities. Norwell has been awarded several of these the past two years totaling approximately $100,000 that:

1) Enabled us to complete a ten year Capital Improvement Plan
2) Provided funding for a Complete Streets study that has now led to a pending grant application to fund a sidewalk along Main Street
3) Will assist us in exploring a combination of Town Hall and the School Department at the Sparrell Building

I have also been the
Chairman of the Plymouth County Advisory Board since 2012, the legislative branch of our county government. This gives me influence at the county level on issues that directly impact Norwell. For example, next year's county budget includes the addition of an entomologist to the County Extension Service to teach residents how to reduce the spread of tick-borne diseases. This follows a model successfully implemented in Barnstable County.
Collaborative & Proactive
Board of Selectmen meetings must be open, dynamic and productive. Important topics need to be publicly debated so residents can see that our town leaders are actively deliberating, and sometimes even disagreeing on important issues as we work toward solutions that are in the best interest of the town as a whole. While on the Board, I have served with seven other Selectmen and three Town Administrators. I've learned from all their experience and ideas.

I have made it a personal priority to actively recruit volunteers for various town boards and committees. We have filled many open positions during my tenure on the board, often with individuals new to town government. Nevertheless, we are continuously seeking additional volunteers for various open positions.

I have made it a priority to regularly attend other board and committee meetings so I can hear first-hand about their activities, priorities and challenges and add a Selectman's perspective to their discussion, when appropriate. I have also worked with nearly every department head at one time or another on a project, initiative or challenge that we must tackle together to be effective.

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