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Saturday, May 17th

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Focused On Key Issues Facing Norwell
Over my three years as Selectman, my top priorities have been to:

* Pursue creative ways to generate new revenues and reduce expenses to benefit taxpayers,

* Improve our long term financial planning & forecasting,

* Focus attention on several previously neglected long-term issues, including our deteriorating town buildings and substantial unfunded liabilities,

* Make town government more open and transparent.

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Proven Leader
There's more to being Chairman of the Board of Selectmen than running weekly meetings. One of the challenges is to keep pursuing long term priorities -- such as tackling large unfunded liabilities -- while tending to weekly responsibilities -- such as making committee appointments and addressing immediate concerns of residents. I do this by actively managing a forward calendar of agendas that address both immediate and long term priorities. I also support my fellow Selectmen in their chosen project and liaison roles, attend other committees' meetings, and talk to our employees, volunteers and people throughout town. I work closely with the Town Administrator to help him pursue the Board's strategic goals, while he also tends to his daily responsibilities.

I have a deep and broad understanding of how town government works. As a result, I offer creative solutions to many challenges. I can answer residents' questions, explain policies to other boards, and facilitate cooperation and coordination among town departments and committees. One example was my leadership when we needed to set-up a shelter during the blizzard of 2013--something not done in decades. I coordinated with the Fire Chief, Police Chief, School Department, Town Administrator and a host of amazing volunteers to provide our residents with a safe, warm shelter. I was the conduit at the shelter for directing residents' problems to those best suited to resolve them.

I consider being a Selectman my full time job. It is an honor to serve my town. While I am pleased with how much has been accomplished during my first three years on the Board, there is still much to be done and I am excited to continue the work I have begun.
Experienced in Local Government
I initially got involved in Norwell town government when I was appointed to the Advisory Board in 2007. As a member, and later its Chairman, I had the opportunity to see both the challenges and opportunities facing our town. It inspired me to invest significant time learning the intricacies of town finances, as well as the workings of our various boards and committees. I have gotten to know many of the employees and volunteers in our town. That knowledge is essential to be an effective Selectman.

In addition, in recent years I have expanded my involvement in local government to include being appointed Chairman of the Plymouth County Advisory Board, the legislative branch of our county government. I am also on the Board of the Massachusetts Selectman's Association and an active member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association. These additional connections give me important perspectives on state and county issues that often have direct impacts on Norwell, too.
Collaborative & Proactive
Under my leadership, Board of Selectmen meetings are more open, dynamic and productive than in the past. I am a firm believer that government has to be conducted in the open. Important topics need to be publicly debated so residents can see that our town leaders are actively deliberating, and sometimes even disagreeing on important issues as we work toward solutions that are in the best interest of the town as a whole.

I have made it a personal and board priority to actively recruit volunteers for various town boards and committees. We have filled many open positions during my tenure on the board, often with individuals new to town government. Nevertheless, we are continuously seeking additional volunteers for various open positions.

I also have made it a priority to regularly attend other board and committee meetings so I can hear first-hand about their activities, priorities and challenges and add a Selectman's perspective to their discussion, when appropriate.

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